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    After an M.Sc. in mechanical engineering and an internship in General Electric, I decided to follow one of my main interests, viz., computational science applied to molecular processes.

    In March 2013, I earned my Ph.D. in non-linear dynamics and complex systems at University of Florence (Italy) under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Maria Mariano. During those years, by spending research stays at LANL and NYU, and by collaborating with Dr. Cecconi at CNR, and Dr. Chinappi and Prof. C.M. Casciola at La Sapienza University of Rome, I implemented (and partly developed) coarse-grained models, which I applied to various molecular processes, especially protein translocation.

    In October 2013, after an experience as college teacher at Gonzaga University in Florence, driven by the will to extend our life-expectancy by a couple of orders of magnitude (we, you and me, will fail to fulfill our goals in a measly time frame of 100 years, right?), I joined the Caflisch lab and started working on neurodegenerative disorders as, you and me, will not fail to recognize that the survival of the brain is, pragmatically, just “more essential”.

    At the beginning of my stay in the group, I developed an enhanced adaptive sampling method particularly suited to perform massive parallel focused explorations of the conformational space of molecules, and performed a couple of interesting applications. Currently, software development and data mining of general time-series are central to my daily activities, and I am part of the active development team of the versatile software CAMPARI. Lastly, I also enjoy trying to increase the popularity of molecular dynamics simulations in drug design, for the moment by "simply" selecting snapshots for downstream molecular docking campaigns, although there are plenty of things we could do.

    In my limited spare time I support Fiorentina, enjoy the good life, and serve as an advocate for environmental sustainability.

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    Dr. Marco Bacci was a member of the Caflisch group from 10/2013 - 09/2018.