Information for Prospective Ph.D. and Masters Students

In order to become a student in the lab it is necessary to be accepted into one of the various Ph.D. and Master's programs.
For your convenience, find below a list of the most suitable programs (this list is not exhaustive):

Master of Science ETH UZH in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics CBB

UZH Master of Science degree programs

Ph.D. Program in Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism

Ph.D. Program in Computational Science

Ph.D. Program in Molecular Life Sciences


Over the years, we have been fortunate to receive funding from a variety of public and private agencies. They include:

We gratefully acknowledge their support, which is essential to the success of the lab.


Please find below a collection of links that point you to tools, resources, colleagues, etc, which are useful to us in our daily work.

Molecular Simulation and Analysis Software

Molecular Visualization Software


Literature Search

Other Research Groups


Generally speaking, our algorithms and tools are contained and explained in papers and in the documentation of the software packages hosting their implementation. For community detection algorithms, the following website provides additional information: