Open Positions

We are always interested in welcoming new members to our group (please see below). At the moment, we are also looking for someone to join us to contribute specifically to a recently funded SNSF Sinergia project. The broader topic is in protein engineering and crystallography with the specific focus on bromodomains. You can access the details regarding this position in the attached PDF (CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE JOB DESCRIPTION). Please send your application directly to the dedicated email address: sinergia [dot] brd [at] chem [dot] uzh [dot] ch.

Applications to join our group are ALWAYS welcome from outstanding and enthusiastic Ph.D. and postdoctoral candidates. We offer a stimulating research environment at a highly ranked department within a university of excellent international standing. The quality of life in Zurich and in Switzerland in general is outstanding and well-documented by popular rankings.

There are frequently open positions in the laboratory and the best is to inquire. All our research projects are aimed at studying biological macromolecular systems. Current focus areas are situated in pathogenic protein aggregation and cancer therapeutics with a focus on epigenetics. Various projects have a strong component of methodology development while others require the application of existing approaches. Possible subjects include using molecular dynamics simulations to understand peptide aggregation and peptide-protein binding, the characterization of small molecule binding to macromolecules by simulation, theory, and experiment, the development of new ligands for therapeutically relevant targets by docking or de novo ligand design, and the development of new methods and models for classical biomolecular simulations. Applicants should preferably hold a Masters or Ph.D. degree in physics, biophysics, chemistry, or biochemistry. We also perform experiments, specifically protein crystallography and a number of in vitro binding and functional assays such as surface plasmon resonance. For computational applicants in particular, programming skills and a familiarity with the Linux operating system are highly advantageous.  Individuals interested in applying for a postdoc position should submit a letter of application, resume, and the names of three professional references to Prof. A. Caflisch: caflisch[at]

Please refer to the contact page for how to reach us or contact us by phone or postal mail. Prospective doctoral students are encouraged to also familiarize themselves with the various Ph.D. programs offered by the University of Zurich or jointly with the ETH. Some pointers are provided on a separate page.