METTL3 inhibitors for epitranscriptomic modulation of cellular processes

TitleMETTL3 inhibitors for epitranscriptomic modulation of cellular processes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsMoroz-Omori E.V, Huang D., Bedi R.K, Cheriyamkunnel S.J, Bochenkova E., Dolbois A., Rzeczkowski M.D, Li Y., Wiedmer L., Caflisch A.
Date Published2021 Jul 08
Type of ArticleResearch Article

The methylase METTL3 is the writer enzyme of the N 6 -methyladenosine (m 6 A) modification of RNA. Using a structure-based drug discovery approach, we identified a METTL3 inhibitor with potency in a biochemical assay of 280 nM, while its enantiomer is 100 times less active. We observed a dose-dependent reduction in the m 6 A methylation level of mRNA in several cell lines treated with the inhibitor already after 16 h of treatment, which lasted for at least 6 days. Importantly, the prolonged incubation (up to 6 days) with the METTL3 inhibitor did not alter levels of other RNA modifications ( i.e. , m1A, m 6 A m , m 7 G), suggesting selectivity of the developed compound towards other RNA methyltransferases.



Alternate JournalChemMedChem
PubMed ID34237194