• Dr. Xiang Wang is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Caflisch group.

    Mission Statement:

    Xiang Wang majored in life science and technology in his undergraduate education. He then focused on the crop breeding and genetic improvement production under the supervision of Prof. Guangsheng Yang at the Huazhong Agricultural University. After 2 years of training for plant research, due to the project collaboration, he has spent most of time to do the crystallography and biochemistry under the supervision of Dr. Ping Yin at Huazhong Agricultural University.

    He joined the group of Prof. Dr. Amedeo Caflisch in Apr. 2019 to study structural based drug design in his postdoc research. Besides scientific study, he likes running and fishing.

    Dr. Xiang Wang has been a member of the Caflisch group from 04/2019 - present.

    Email address:

    xiang [dot] wang [at] uzh [dot] ch