• Fiona Stamm is currently a Ph.D. Student in the Caflisch group.

    Mission Statement:

    Fiona Stamm has finished her Master's degree at the University of Z├╝rich in October 2022. She has gained routine in basic biochemistry methods, such as cloning, protein expression and purification as well as affinity determination by fluorescence anisotropy spectroscopy.
    Fiona joined the Caflisch group as Lab technician in November 2022.

    09/2016-08/2020 BSc in Biochemistry, Biomolecular Track, University of Zurich

    09/202-10/2022 MSc in Biochemistry, University of Zurich

    Fiona Stamm has been a member of the Caflisch group from 11/2022 - current.

    Email address:

    f [dot] stamm [at] bioc [dot] uzh [dot] ch