• Dr. Katherine Gosselé (née Rollins) is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Caflisch group.

    Mission Statement:

    Katherine Rollins initially trained as a biochemist at Oxford University, completing her MBiochem degree in 2013. She then completed her PhD at ETH Zürich in a collaboration between Prof. Carreira (organic chemistry), Prof. Wolfrum (nutritional biology) and Boehringer Ingelheim, focusing on enteroendocrine L cells in metabolic disease. Katherine joined the drug discovery collaboration between the Caflisch and Nevado groups as a post-doctoral researcher in 2019, focusing on cellular assays to characterise in-house generated bromodomain inhibitors. In her free time, you’ll often find her running through the forest, cycling up a mountain or at the bottom of a swimming pool playing underwater hockey.

    Dr. Katherine Gosselé (née Rollins) has been a member of the Caflisch group from 03/2019 - present.

    Email address:

    katherine [dot] rollins [at] chem [dot] uzh [dot] ch