Software List

Name Date Manual and original paper Download times File name
SEED 06/30/2017 Program for docking libraries of fragments with solvation energy evaluation
publication Proteins: Struct. Funct. Genet 42, 256-268, 2001
1001 seed_4.0.tar.gz
DAIM 11/14/2010 Decomposition And Identification of Molecules
publication J Med Chem. 14, 7384-7392, 2006
1071 daim-5.3_send.tar.gz
FFLD 03/30/2009 Program for fragment-based flexible ligand docking
publication Biological Chemistry 382, 1365-1372, 2001
727 ffld_send_3.3.tgz
VLG 08/31/2009 Virtual Library Generator. Unpublished results.
587 VLG.tgz
GANDI 07/02/2014 Program for fragment-based de novo ligand design
publication J Chem Inf Model. 2008 Mar;48(3):679-90
952 gandi_2.0_20140629.tgz
CAST 11/16/2011 Assignment of CHARMm atom types to molecules in MOL2 format with TAFF atom types 482 cast_v.0.1.tgz
Protein Biophysics (ibook) 02/26/2012 The lecture note of Protein Biophysics given by Amedeo Caflisch.
To use the ibook file, please download the file with your PC and use iTune to transfer the file to your ipad (using ibooks application).
570 book.2.22.2012.ibooks
FLEA 05/30/2014 FFLD Leader Clustering Version 1.0 159 FLEA_dist_64bit.tar.gz
Wit!P 07/02/2014 Molecular modeling/graphics tool
231 wnpexp-20140618.tgz

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License Agreement

The recipient agrees not to disclose in any form either the delivered software package (package) or any modifications or derivative works based on the package to any third parties.

The recipient agrees that it will use the package solely for internal purposes.

The recipient agrees that any reports or publication of results obtained with the package will acknowledge its use by an appropriate citation. Until further notice this would refer to the package and to the relating papers of A. Caflisch group. The authors of the package or the University of Zurich make no warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the fitness of the program for any particular purpose, nor shall they be liable for any direct, indirect, or other damage resulting from use of the program. No particular support, service or update of the package is implied as part of the agreement. However technical contacts and advice are granted on a voluntary, friendly basis.

Please note that the Wit!P version distributed here is subject to a separate BSD 3-clause. All other software is licensed under the terms listed above.


The source code will be provided upon request.


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Amedeo Caflisch

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