• Maria Sedykh is currently a Master Student in the Caflisch group.

    Mission Statement:

    Originally trained as a multimedia designer, Maria Sedykh is currently (late 2017) concluding her master’s degree program in Drug Sciences at the University of Basel (expected in 2018). Being part of the Caflisch group since September 2017, her master thesis focuses on high-throughput docking applied to bromodomains.

    Her general research interests are in computer-aided drug design, docking/scoring, computational toxicology, oncology, anti-infective agents, and antitargets. As a challenge enthusiast, Maria dedicates her free time to ice climbing and drone cinematography.


    Maria Sedykh has been a member of the Caflisch group from 08/2017 - current.

    Email address:

    m [dot] sedykh [at] stud [dot] unibas [dot] ch